Bible 100s

Bible songs, quizzes, favourite verses, ideas for talks, Bible quotes…all about the Bible.

Welcome to the BIBLE100s website – that’s Bible One Hundreds – a multi-faceted look at the Book of books.

Do you know the Bible? There’s always something new to find.
Never read the Bible? Give it a go – you don’t know what you’re missing.
Find it boring? Look again, you’ll be surprised.
Need ideas for a talk, a camp, a quiz…? Maybe BIBLE100s can help.

BIBLE100s comprises:

biblesong100 – Do you like singing the Bible? biblesong100 has story songs,
worship songs, actions songs….

bibleverse100 – We asked 100 special people for their favourite Bible verse
and got great replies…. What’s your favourite Bible verse?
bibleword100 – Did you know the Bible has two parts? The Old Testament and
the New Testament? How do they link together?
biblegem100 – If you chose your Top Ten Bible ‘bits’, what would you
choose? I chose mine…..
biblequiz100 – Need a quiz for Church, or school or the youth group?
biblesearch100 – Like a challenge? Like a puzzle? All about the Bible.
biblego100 – Why Mission? Challenges to go forth and share.
biblewalk100 – How do we get to where we are today? Personal reflections on
influences from a life-walk with God.



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